Basic Policy

JFM has prepared the Compliance Rules to ensure that operations are conducted in accordance with laws and regulations and indicate what actions management and employees should take when a breach of laws or regulations is identified. The rules include the following basic policy on compliance.

  • Management and employees must be aware of JFM’s social responsibility and public mission and realize that a breach of laws or regulations would cause a great hindrance to JFM’s business operations, such as a loss in credibility of JFM as a whole. Management and employees must also observe laws and regulations and fulfill their duties with integrity and fairness.

  • Management and employees must strive to earn the trust of society by appropriately disclosing information on JFM’s operations.

Compliance System

Based on the Compliance Rules, JFM has established a the Compliance Committee.

JFM’s deputy president serves as the chairman of the committee, with senior executive directors and department heads serving as committee members.The committee deliberates on important compliance issues, such as the formulation, revision and abolition of compliance-related rules and regulations and the preparation of guidelines and action plans for compliance.

JFM has also established a Compliance Division to oversee compliance arrangements. This unit deploys compliance-based initiatives (providing system guidance and training or producing manuals) in keeping with the committee’s guidelines.

Compliance System

Compliance System


1. Code of Ethics and Anti-bribery

JFM has prohibited the receipt of gifts, etc. from interested parties to maintain ethics pertaining to the duties of officers and employees, in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Officers and Employees. In such a way, JFM has worked to prevent acts that may cause public suspicion or distrust of the fairness of the execution of duties.

2. Prohibition of Harassment and Discrimination

JFM will prohibit and strive to prevent acts of harassment and discriminatory behavior in the workplace based on Regulations on Prevention of Harassment, etc. and others. The aim is to ensure a work environment where officers and employees can fully exercise their abilities.The officers and employees will act with full awareness of appropriate words and actions, etc.

In addition to providing necessary training to officers and employees, JFM will establish an organizational structure against harassment, etc., such as a consultation system, and strictly deal with cases of harassment, etc.

3. Elimination of Relations with Anti-social Forces

JFM will recognize its social responsibility and public mission, and will take a firm stance against anti-social forces that pose a threat to social order and security. Anti-social forces will be eliminated in bidding procedures,etc.

4. Proactive Disclosure and Accountability Practices

JFM will proactively disclose information and be accountable for its business activities in order to promote fair business based on the accurate understanding and criticism of the public.

5. Maintenance of Professional Confidentiality

The Officers and employees will maintain the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their duties.

6. Implementation of Training to Establish Compliance

Each year at JFM, the Compliance Committee will formulate a compliance action plan based on the Compliance Rules. Based on the action plan, JFM will mainly implement the following initiatives.

  • JFM has provided training on the importance of compliance and its role within the organization, in accordance with the responsibilities of each officer and employee, to ensure that organizational efforts are firmly established.

  • JFM has established a system to be prepared for misconduct by collecting examples of cases of non-complianc and disseminating them to officers and employees.

  • JFM will review the Compliance Manual in a timely manner and respond appropriately to revisions of the laws and regulations, etc.

7. Appropriate Response to Violations and Whistleblowing System

In accordance with the Compliance Rules, etc., JFM has established a system to promptly respond to compliance violation cases and has taken strict measures such as disciplinary action for violation, as well as organizational measures to prevent recurrence.

In addition, JFM has established a whistleblowing system utilizing external lawyers in addition to reporting within the organization.