• About JFM

About JFM

Basic Flow of Lending and Funding Operations
Note: USD 1 = JPY 133.48 as of 31 March 2023.

Public Institution Wholly Owned by Japanese Local Governments

JFM is a joint funding organization for all local governments, wholly owned by Japanese local governments under the Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities Law (Act No. 64 of 2007, as amended; the “JFM Law”).
JFM loans are provided exclusively to local governments, and local governments must ,in principle, receive the consent or approval of the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications or their respective prefectural governors when they borrow from JFM. Within this structure, JFM has never had a default since its establishment.

Joint Funding Organization for All Local Governments

JFM contributes to the sound financial operation of local governments and improves the welfare of local residents with the aim of efficiently and effectively complementing local government fund-raising by providing long-term funding at low-interest rates to local governments.
For social infrastructure improvements to be implemented by local governments, long-term funding is usually desirable given that it takes a long time to recoup such capital expenditures, and also the cost burden should be shared across generations. However, local governments generally raise funds in capital markets for terms of 10 years or less.
In response to this situation, JFM issues bonds in capital markets with a wide variety of maturities ranging from medium-term to super long-term to provide stable and low-interest funds to local governments.
Under the JFM Law, local governments have an obligation to bear the cost necessary to satisfy all JFM obligations in the event JFM is to be dissolved and its obligations remain unpaid.

Solid Financial Foundation

JFM primarily issues 10-year bonds to raise funds and extends long-term loans to local governments, which creates a duration gap between lending and funding. To cope with the interest rate risk associated with bond refinancing (a potential negative margin caused by the interest payable exceeding the interest receivable), JFM maintains reserves for interest rate volatility.

Reduction of Lending Rates by Utilizing the Fund for Lending Rate Reduction

JFM receives a portion of the earnings from various racing events (horse, bicycle, motorcycle and speedboat) operated by local governments, which is directed to the Fund for Lending Rate Reduction. The investment gains from the fund are used for lowering interest rates on JFM loans.