Corporate Governance System

JFM ensures responsible corporate governance through the participation of external experts on the Representative Board, the Supervisory Committee and audits by external accounting auditors.


Representative Board

As an organization autonomously managed by local governments, JFM has the Representative Board as its
supreme decision-making body. To ensure independence and transparency, the Representative Board consists of one prefectural governor, one city mayor, one town/village mayor and three members from among experts in local administration, economics, finance, law or accounting.

The Representative Board has the authority to make decisions on important matters related to the overall management of JFM, including budgets, settlement of accounts and business plans and to appoint and dismiss the President and CEO as well as Corporate Auditors. As its supervisory function, the Board is also authorized to obtain from the President and CEO information relating to JFM's operations and financial condition, and to order the President and CEO to take corrective actions with respect to any illegal or other inappropriate activities.

Supervisory Committee

JFM has focused on establishing highly transparent management that incorporates unbiased opinions of external parties, and responsible corporate governance. To ensure such a governing structure, JFM has the Supervisory Committee as a deliberative committee comprising external experts.

The Representative Board appoints the members of the Supervisory Committee from among experts in local administration, economics, finance, law or accounting, and other experts in the academic world.

The Supervisory Committee has the function of monitoring the operations of JFM and may offer its opinions on important matters such as JFM’s operations including budgets, settlement of accounts and business plans. The Committee may also, if necessary, request that the President and CEO reports on those matters. The President and CEO must respect and report the Committee’s opinions to the Representative Board.

Audits by Corporate Auditors

The Corporate Auditors are responsible for auditing the accounts of JFM, and may, at their discretion, submit reports to the Representative Board, the President and CEO, and the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.

Audits by External Accounting Auditors

As JFM raises funds in capital markets, the proper disclosure of information and external checks on accounting procedures are essential in order to build market confidence toward JFM.
From this viewpoint, JFM has its financial statements audited not only by corporate auditors but also by external accounting auditors (certified public accountants or an audit corporation) appointed by the Representative Board.

Internal Control over Financial Reporting

Pursuant to the Ministerial Ordinance on Finance and Accounting of Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities, JFM has set up a system which is similar to the internal control reporting system under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law in Japan.
In accordance with the system, JFM prepares the Internal Control Report to evaluate the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting to ensure the reliability of its financial statements, the base date of which is the end of the fiscal year (31 March), and it is audited by the accounting auditors and released together with the financial statements.

Internal Audit

An internal auditor, who is independent from other departments, divisions and offices, examines and assesses the appropriateness and effectiveness of JFM’s internal control systems, thereby helping ensure reliable financial reporting and appropriate and efficient operations.

On completing this task, the internal auditor submits a report to the President and CEO.
If the internal auditor identifies deficiencies, related divisions and offices must immediately take the required corrective actions. The internal auditor will then submit to the President and CEO an internal audit report that includes the progress of corrective actions.
The internal auditor also performs follow-up audits and reports the results to the President and CEO as necessary.

Internal Audit System

Internal Audit System