Support sustainable community development through lending operations

Local governments are facing various administrative issues, such as promoting the revitalization of regions, measures against the declining birth rate and an aging population, measures against deteriorating infrastructure, and measures against large-scale and intensifying natural disasters.

To address these challenges, JFM provides loans to local governments who develop infrastructure and administrative services to their residents of the region and contributes to a sustainable development of the region’s community and environment.

Disaster Management and Mitigation
Social Welfare and Educational Facilities Development
Regional Revitalization project

Lending by using sustainable finance

JFM provides funding to some sewerage projects of local governments by using proceeds of green bond.
Sewerage contributes to the improvement of living conditions, prevention of floods and preservation of water quality. JFM contributes to a sustainable development of the system by providing loans to local governments.

Case Study
JFM Green Bond Impact Report 2022