About JFM

Management Philosophy

Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities (JFM), as a joint funding organization wholly contributed by all Japanese local governments, sets forth the following three policies as its management philosophy with the purpose of contributing to fiscal soundness of local governments through our financing activities.

Being Responsive to Local Government Needs

As a reliable provider of long-term and low-interest funds for local governments, JFM closely supports local government funding based on their needs as well as the environment.

JFM focuses on related investigation and research and offers information with the aim of becoming a good partner in financial management for local governments.

Strengthening Confidence from the Capital Markets

JFM aims to strengthen its market confidence and secure low-cost funding through appropriate disclosure as required in capital markets, as well as its sound financial standing maintained through prudent risk management. Futhermore, JFM, as a leading public-sector bond issuer, is committed to contributing to the sound development of capital markets.

Ensuring Responsible Corporate Governance as a Joint Organization of Local Governments

JFM ensures responsible corporate governance through prudent risk management, monitoring and recommendations by the Supervisory Committee, as well as audits by external accounting auditors and deepen communication with local governments as a responsible joint organization of local governments.